Body Piercing 101: Knowing The Level Of Pain

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When speaking of piercing, many instantly think about the pain. Some may say that it is painless while others say it hurts. But, whatever others say, some like the idea of piercing. For them, it is an art and a way of expressing themselves. However, the question is, is piercing really painful?

If yes, why would others continue doing it; and the most questionable are those fully piercing their body. How do they bear the pain if it does hurt? Well, many interested people want body piercing. Yet, unready to do so. If you are interested in body piercing, discover and know what piercing hurts the most.

Particular body areas capable of piercing

You may have seen many people who are fans of body piercing nowadays. You are seeing them get pierced, commonly on the ears, tongue, lips, nose, and even on the lower part of the tummy. But, the question is, does it hurt? Are there any parts of the body that feel painless when pierced?

Here, you will learn the body parts get pierced, from painful to least painful. Body piercings have become more accepted and popular nowadays. However, which ones hurt the most and what part is not? There is no easy answer unless experienced. Some say they feel a little pain when pierced while others say they can’t bear the pain.

Yes, it is true since everyone has different pain tolerance. Although the perception of pain affects how much the hurt causes if excited about getting the piercing, the experience is totally different from someone anxious. But, there is some evidence that some areas of the body are more prone to pain.

Trivia: the fewer nerves in the area, the less pain you will feel. Here is a piercing pain scale that helps you understand each type of piercing that may hurt the most painful to the least painful, namely:

  • Genital piercing. Genitals have nerve-dense areas in the body. The penis has about 4, 000 nerve endings, branching off from the pudendal nerve. The clitoris is quite sensitive; it contains thousands of nerve endings.
  • Nipple piercing. It is a commonly pierced area that is pretty sensitive. The nipple nerves communicate directly with the brain, similar to how the genitals do.
  • Dermal piercing. The piercing goes directly to the skin and doesn’t come out to another end. It can be done throughout the body. But, many people get them on the lower back, chest, and face.

For the least painful piercing, you have these:

  • Ear piercing
  • Belly button piercing
  • Tongue piercing and more

These are just a few of the body parts that commonly get pierced.