Family Law In Texas: Facts About Property Division

Family Law In Texas: Facts About Property Division

Property division in Texas is under specific laws, except in rare cases. Marital property will be divided into divorce. It is not necessarily divided by 50/50. There are many things that go into the division of community martial estate:

  • Relative age of the parties
  • Earning capacity of each party
  • Fault in the marriage break-up

To prove and trace separate property undivided can be difficult. In addition, the valuation of property is not an easy task. When property must be divided in a divorce, disputes can arise and escalate quickly. The family law lawyers in Houston help you with what to anticipate in proper and valuable assets division. They know how to get good results in a family court.

Advice on the property and debt division

When it comes to community property division issues, you may need to call a family lawyer in Houston. A lawyer is experienced with difficult property division cases. You will find that the fee is more affordable than winning a value in the final property division you get after winning the property division case. If your divorce involves the need to assess, identify, and divide a huge, difficult, or disputed marital community, a family lawyer can advise and protect your interest in the court.

Protect client interest

The depth and breadth of experience of these family law lawyers in Houston in asset division and complex property disputes help break down a marital community or any complexity or size. The trial and litigation skills are necessary to protect the interest in court, especially when there is no realistic opportunity for a negotiated settlement. The lawyers can help across the full range of the marital property division issues that may come up in a divorce case.

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  • Analysis of trust funds
  • Valuation and division of assets
  • Protect separate property through tracing and evidence
  • Valuation of business entities
  • Valuation of pension
  • Drafting and enforceability of agreements:
    • Premarital
    • Postmarital
    • Partition
  • Property division issues affecting allegations of marital misconduct
  • Division of marital debts
  • International property division concerns
  • Appeals of a trial court decision (regarding property issues)

If you are still in the middle of shady insights about divorce, you can consult with a family lawyer in Houston to get a clear explanation. There are many things to tackle when speaking of the division of property. When you are still unclear about this and want to know more, you can reach one of the experienced property division lawyers in Houston.

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