Finding Out the Differences Between Live Resin and Live Diamonds

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When people talk about cannabis extracts, the terms live resin vs live diamonds come up a lot. Even though they sound alike, they are very different in what they offer. Here are some of the ways that these two extracts are different that will help you understand what makes them different.

Live resin: Keeping the taste and freshness

The whole point of live resin is to keep the flavour of the cannabis plant as fresh as possible. Cannabinoids and oils are taken from cannabis plants that have just been picked and then flash-frozen to keep their natural qualities. The aromatic chemicals in the plant are locked in during this process, making a concentrate that is full of flavour and smell.

The high number of terpenes in live resin is one of its best features. Terpenes are chemical molecules that give different types of weed their own smells and tastes. Because these oils are kept during the extraction process, live resin has a stronger taste and smell than other extracts.

Crystalline Power in Live Diamonds

Live diamonds, which are also called THCA diamonds or THC crystals, are more about how strong they are. Live diamonds are crystal structures that have a lot of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), which is the building block for THC. These crystals form during the extraction process, most often through liquid precipitation and hydrocarbon extraction.

The very high amount of THC in live gems makes them stand out. Because they have a lot of THCA, live diamonds can have THC levels of up to 90%, which makes them one of the strongest cannabis extracts you can buy. However, this high strength often comes at the cost of some terpene loss, making the product taste less good than live resin.

How to Choose Between Live Diamonds and Live Resin

It comes down to personal taste and the results you want when choosing between live plastic and live diamonds. Live resin might be the best choice for you if you care most about taste and smell and like all the different kinds of terpenes in cannabis. However, living gems might be better if strength is the most important thing to you and you want a strong experience.

The live resin vs live diamonds are just two of the many types of cannabis products that are available. Live resin catches the plant’s freshness and taste, but live diamonds are the most powerful. There is a cannabis concentrate out there for everyone, from an expert looking for complex smells to an experienced user looking for powerful highs.

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