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What is it that you look for when buying a used car? We all want to pay less and get more. That’s why, most of the time, we end up purchasing a model that is older than what we can afford and gets the worst gas mileage. Then again, used cars fresno might not be the best choice. But there are some models from the last few years on which you can save money while still having a reliable car on your driveway. If you’re thinking about buying a used car but don’t know where to start, here are some tips on finding your new ride:

1-Search online classifieds

Sort through listings using different criteria such as body type, year of production, or fuel type. After narrowing down your list to a manageable size, check the safety rating of each used car. As always, don’t forget to ask for previous collisions reports to make sure that your future vehicle is accident-free.

2-Visit dealerships

Dealers know that you are looking for a reliable car at an affordable price. That’s why they try their best to lure you in with promises of discounts and financing offers. Although it might sound great on paper, know that these can be discounted by as much as $1000. If there are other things on offer like warranties or service plans, remember your intention when buying a used car: save money! You will probably still have to pay extra money to drive off the lot so keep that in mind before bargaining heavily over a seemingly great deal.

3-Test drive it!

If you’ve never owned a car of the same model before, find out what driving feels like. It might be different from other cars on your way or even off-roading experiences. Take time to adjust the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel so that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. Do not forget to check all lights, blinkers, turn signals, and horns to ensure all systems work as they should.

4-Go for a professional inspection

used cars fresnoBefore closing any deals, inspect your used car carefully by yourself or with assistance from auto shop professionals who know how to spot hidden problems that the dealership might have missed (or tried to hide). Check if there are any oil leaks, visually inspect engine components for any issues, check belts and hoses. It is also wise to ask an expert to look under the car while checking if any leaks are present.

5-Negotiate with dealer

With all information gathered, it’s time to get ready for negotiations! Do not allow a salesperson to pressure you into paying more than what your budget allows. Instead, tell them exactly how much you can spend and why you ask for a specific deal on this used car. As always, be prepared to walk away from the value if they disagree with your price. Remember that plenty of other dealerships might offer better deals at your disposal, so never settle unless the conditions are perfect for you.

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