What To Check When Buying a Used Car

used cars in el cajon

Used cars are generally cheap, and that’s a good thing for those looking for a new ride. However, there are certain considerations you need to take into account when buying a used car.

Do your research – the first thing to do is check the history of the car. Check for accidents, where they might have been serviced and whether anything like that was missed, and service records. If not possible, find out what number of owners it has had and how old it is. This way, you’ll be able to tell if any potential problems are just mechanical or also cosmetic in nature.

Check for rust – this doesn’t just happen in America! Rust will inevitably start forming where metal has been exposed over time with no maintenance, such as poorly sealed doors or porches and roofs left open during rainstorms. Some people believe rust is natural, but anyone who has seen a car covered in rust for too long will know it’s a sign of poor maintenance.

Check for scratches – there is no such thing as a scratch-free car, so make sure the car looks good from all angles, especially if you’re looking at purchasing one with four-wheel drive or high ground clearance. Scratches can be repaired, but you’ll end up replacing the paintwork and body panels rather than just getting the scratch out and repainting with professional all-weather paint.

Check for dents – this is by no means easy to do because some cars are notoriously dented. It’s important, though, because if a person doesn’t take care of the car, that person probably doesn’t care about the car. Dents can be hammered out or, in some cases, even laser-ed out, but you’ll want to make sure the seller is willing and able to do this before committing to a purchase. used cars in el cajon tend to be the cheapest, so dents aren’t a big deal.

Check for cracks – this is the toughest thing to spot, but it’s important to know if there are any cracks on the car. These are usually small and avoidable if you grab a mirror and look at them in various places.

Finally, check for rust around the wheel arches and under the car – these are likely places where rust will form.